The Sky View Lounge

icoskyRight now we launch a new space for rent as restaurant/café/lounge on 10th Floor - ...

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New Business Center

newbsnNow there is available a new block of Business Center located at 5th floor of Graha SA. Fulfilling the office ...

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icoballThe first rule of doing any successful event is to secure the perfect location and venue to do the event.

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Business Center


Graha SA provide ready to use spaces in various small size which can be rent in short term.

Graha SA Business Center vision is to ease and cut your setup time in having a new office space with small investment and help you to do market research in Surabaya.

 Terms and Conditions


  • 5th & 6th Floor Graha SA.


  • 12 - 51 sqm

Base Rental

  • Rp. -call- per sqm per month.

Service Charge

  • Rp. -call- per sqm per month including standard electricity, standard air conditioning supply, building maintenance, 24 hours security, water, cleaning of common areas, and all building services during normal office hours. The Service Charged shall be reviewed after the first year lease term.

Lease Term

  • Minimum 6 (six) months from the Lease Commencement Date.

Term of Payment

  • Quarterly in Advance.

Value Added Tax

  • The rental is subject to the applicable VAT which is to be borne by the Lessee.


  • 2 (two) sets Executive desk ½ biro and office chair.
  • 1 (one) telephone unit.
  • Carpet Floor.
  • Once a week for using meeting room.
  • Up to 40% discount of Multi Function Room rental.

Fitting Out Period

  • After LOI has been signed and security deposit has been transferred, the Lessor will grant 1 (one) week fitting out period prior to the lease commencement date.

Leasehold Improvement

  • Done by the Lessor with a discussion with the Lessee, all will be charge to the Lessee.

Lease Commencement Date

  • On agreement signed date or upon occupation date whichever is the earliest.

Security Deposit

  • 3 (three) months gross rental shall be payable upon signing the Lease Agreement. This amount will be fully refundable, interest free, at the expiration of the Lease provided the Lessee has complied with all the conditions of the Lease Agreement.


  • Direct telephone lines will be required with a deposit of Rp. -call- / line being fully refundable, interest free at the expiration of the lease. The deposit shall be payable upon issuance of the telephone numbers by the Building Management.

Office Hour

  • Monday - Friday : 08.00 WIB - 18.00 WIB
  • Saturday : 08.00 WIB - 13.30 WIB.

Overtime Charge

  • AC and Electricity : Rp. -call- (per hour).
  • Electricity : Rp. -call- (per hour).
  • Electricity Power : 33 watt per sqm.

Car Parking

  • Car parking stiker : Rp. -call- / space / month.
  • Motorcycle parking sticker : Rp. -call- / space / month.
  • Car Parking Ticket : Rp. -call- per IN
  • Motor Cycle Ticket : Rp. -call- per IN

VIP Elevator Card

  • Available at Rp. -call- per card per year.

Booking Deposit

  • In order to reserve the space, the Lessee required to sign the LOI and transfer 3 (three) months gross rental (base rental and service charge) as a deposit to be transferred to our bank account.


Further to the above offer which is subject to contract, the Lessee acknowledge that once this offer has been accepted by the Lessor by signing the Lease Agreement by both parties, the booking deposit herein become non refundable if for any reason whatsoever the Lessee do not proceed to execute the Lease Agreement and the Lessee understand that this item only is not subject to contract.


The above terms and conditions are liable to change without notice.


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